The Best Ways to Use Vinyl Wall Wraps and Decals in Your Business or Office

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Why Wall Wraps and Decals?

Wall wraps are critical to many companies’ marketing and branding efforts, allowing them to place high-quality imagery in their facilities. Businesses can place wall wraps indoors or outdoors, so they have a lot of flexibility in where to feature their graphics. If you’re looking for wall wrap ideas check out some of the ways top industries utilize wall wraps, murals and decals at their facilities:

Vinyl Wall Wraps

How to Choose the Right Vinyl Wall Wraps for Your Business

There are many different ways to make use of vinyl wall wraps and decals, and what’s right for one business might be completely different for another.


Wall Wraps in Schools and Universities

For education institutions, wall wraps are often necessary, because they represent a larger physical footprint compared to other temporary methods. Wall wraps can range from a 3D map showing directions or directions from a teacher, to promotional signage, seating suggestions and messages. Wall wraps are also a way to promote a location when a facility is being renovated or relocating. For example, a builder may place a cardboard wall wrap on a door to display a company name as people enter a new office.


Custom Designed Wall Wraps in Hospitals

Hospitals use wall wraps and murals to highlight major occasions and moments at their facilities. People see these wall wraps as they pass by, which creates a memorable experience for the patients, families and visitors. Healthcare facilities use a variety of wall wraps, including abstract designs, colorful patterns and design elements, to highlight the care and compassion that’s provided there.


Wall Wraps and Large Format Decals in Schools

Schools often use wall wraps and large format decals, to highlight moments in their school and reinforce the values of their school community. These decals are used in classrooms and hallways to create a personalized experience for students who see them.


Custom Printed Wall Wraps in Retail Stores

In many retail stores you will find vinyl wall wraps, so if you are planning a large build-out or need some room to show off your branding, this can be an affordable and flexible option for putting up images.


Large Decals on Restaurant Walls

Just like retail businesses, restaurants can benefit from this material. Wall wraps are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and a wall wrap that’s visible on both indoors and out can be a great promotional tool for a restaurant.


Wall & Elevator Wraps in Hotels

Similar to the use of wall wraps for stores, hotels can benefit from wall wraps. Not only can they serve as a beautiful way to showcase a new hotel, but they can also help showcase a new business or company’s brand in the area.


Wall Wraps in Office Spaces

Vinyl wall wraps allow companies to customize their office spaces to their brand identity. If you’re looking for inspiration check out the tips below for using the wall wraps in your office:


You can’t always afford to invest in large-scale construction projects or shiny new fixtures, but you don’t have to settle for inexpensive upgrades. A simple deck, a few luxury pieces, or just fresh paint and some fresh carpet can all transform an otherwise bland space.

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